Would you like to work with Jennifer in a personal, focused environment? On this page you will learn how you can work individually with Jennifer.

Is there a missing link in your life?

Do you wish you were happier, felt more fulfilled, had more joy or more love in your life?

What if you could understand exactly how you got to where you areand what you can do next to have more of what you want and less of what you do not want?

If you knew what limited you today, would you be able to make more powerful choices tomorrow?

Would you like to work with Jennifer personally to understand more about your personal evolution? On this page you will find information about personal guidance and mentoring sessions.

One of my great honors is to work with clients, helping them to transform their lives, to release grief and trauma, whether in the current lifetime or those that have been carried over from past lives, to align themselves with their joy and to move beyond healing and into wholeness.  Being a source of comfort, inspiration, transformation and healing to them, and to you,  is one of the great joys of my life.

There are several ways to work with me, channeled sessions with Archangel Uriel**(see information about sessions below), EVOLVE mentoring sessions, individual or group coaching programs, on-line self study programs and more.  Whether you have a specific question about your career or work, relationships, family, or life purpose or you just need some intuitive guidance and direction, the answers are always available.   And you do not have to come prepared with questions, I can read your energy as soon as I begin to speak to you (and usually before) and the healing energy usually happens before we even speak.

**I am a conscious channel, which means I channel as I speak to you and do not do trance work. You may ask questions and I will ask you questions, to ensure you are following along with the information. You are expected to participate in the session and respond appropriately. I am not an appropriate resource for you if you expect me to talk for the entire session without your participation, or if you want a fortune teller or someone to tell you what to do.

All sessions offer intuitive insights into your past lives and their lessons, your present life situation and future potentials, and are opportunities for significant breakthroughs on spiritual, emotional and energetic levels that can offer profound healing and clarity. Read the client testimonials below to know how others have benefited from a personal session with me.

When do you need intuitive guidance? 

If having an expanded, multi-dimensional perspective on  your past and present lifetimes (they all exist on one energetic continuum), karmic journey, soul contracts and mastery blueprint would give you the confidence you need to make more powerful choices with clarity, confidence and conscious intention.

Whenever you feel stuck and need to release blocks that limit you and your potential.

Or when understanding the potential outcomes of the choices you are faced with would help you make a decision.

Jennifer’s  intuitive guidance offers more than insights into the present and potential future, they are a view into all aspects of your energetic self that can uncover information about emotional and spiritual blocks, soul lessons, your soul contract and reveal ways that you can heal and transform your life. This is a life altering journey, providing loving, accurate information to assist in your soul transformation.

All sessions are recorded and you will be provided with an MP3 file recording to download and save to your computer.

Sessions are available in half hour (25 minutes) or full hour (55 minutes) segments, choose the one that best meets your needs.

NOTE:  After you payment is processed, you will be directed to a page where you can choose the date and time for your session. You will also receive this link via email. Please add info@enlighteninglife.com to your email address book so you do not miss this email, and confirm the email that is sent to you. Payment can be made via credit card of Paypal.

Intuitive Guidance & Channeling

A view into your past, present and potential future, answering questions about your soul and life purpose, healing path, soul contracts and situations, challenges, blessings and opportunities present in your life today. Also answers to questions about relationships, career, money, health, family, children and any other issues you are facing today. After your purchase is complete you will be directed to a page where you will chose your session date and time from our on-line scheduling system. You will also receive this link via email.

Hour and half hour sessions available:


Receive continuing guidance and follow up with Jennifer’s EVOLVE mentoring programs. This is your opportunity to work through your issues until you feel they are cleared and you have new options for your reality. You will meet weekly or semi-monthly, on a month-to-month basis, to work personally with Jennifer. There will be homework, reading material, audio files and any other material Jennifer will share with you to provide clarity and understanding and open your heart to new potentials for your life. In addition to the phone sessions, you can receive email support and two 15 minute checkup calls, plus emergency calls.

After your purchase is complete you will be directed to a page where you will chose your session date and time from our on-line scheduling system. You will also receive this link via email.

EVOLVE Fast Track 3 Session package and monthly Evolve coaching programs are available on the  Enlightening Life site, click here to discover how ongoing support, guidance, and personalized energy work can help you release trauma, raise your frequency and vibration, and create new pathways of possibility in your life.

Click here to find about these programs

(you will be directed to the enlighteninglife.com website)

Please read the notice below regarding our cancellation and refund policy.

Policies and Guidelines for Sessions

All sessions are offered on a pre-paid basis only. Payment can be made by check or money order with prior agreement only, email support@enlighteninglife.com with your request for payment by check or money order.  Funds must be in US Dollars, and payable to Enlightening Life OmniMedi, Inc. .Bank or wire transfers are never accepted for payment of products or services; we do not divulge our banking information.

Send your payment to Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc., PO Box 12888, Wilmington, NC  28405  USA.  Include a letter with your check that provides your name, email address, and what the payment is for.  We require two weeks for the payment to be received and cleared prior sending a link for you to make your appointment.

Disclaimer: While Jennifer’s advice is extremely accurate, everything exists as a potential until you make it happen. No matter what you are told can happen, the only way it WILL happen is if you take action.

Refunds are not given on completed sessions, there are no exceptions to this policy.

Jennifer reserves the right to stop the session if she feels the client is being abusive, uses inappropriate language, is offensive or unduly demanding, or makes inappropriate comments. A refund for the prorated time used and any remaining time will be issued immediately, less a $50 administrative fee. If necessary, the client will be blocked from purchasing further sessions.

Please give 24 hours’ notice if you will miss your session and if you are more than 10 minutes late you can re-schedule at a later date (one time only) or use the remaining time in your time slot.

Recordings are provided as a service and while we provide them in good faith, we do not guarantee them and cannot be responsible for their availability as we use a third party system to record and are not liable for possible performance issues with this company. The recording link is valid for 14 days from the date of the email you receive with your download link and instructions. It is your responsibility to download and save the recording to your computer, as instructed. Please note that we do not provide technical support for downloads and instructions are provided in your email. We do not archive or save client recordings and they are permanently deleted from our system after 14 days.


Read some client testimonials here:

Thank you for the wonderful reading and the encouraging words.  I felt some piece of mind yesterday for the first time in quite awhile.With my “Million Dollar Lesson” behind me (but not forgotten) I am ready to move forward. BC

Jennifer, Thank you for the session today. It was incredible. I’m planning a walk to my back pasture for my land release ceremony this afternoon. I feel free, light and loved. I can never say enough thank you’s. Bless you, DH

Thank you so much for the attunement yesterday.I have felt the effects already and it continues to get better.Things we had talked about instantly showed themselves that evening which gave me a whole new perspective things in an awesomely positive new way…THANK YOU BOTH  I also wanted to say thanks so much for your newsletter everyweek,i am always excited about receiving it and find it extremely inspiring and comforting. DC

Thank you so very much, Jennifer, You rock!. I can’t begin to tell you how valuable your support, guidance and insight has been in helping me navigate this part of the journey. I love your energy and your approach to your  practice. You really give… in everything you do

Again thank you Jennifer.  You have no idea how much of a blessing your communication with me is.  In these enduring times many have stepped back away from me and supporters are non-existant.  The simple act of listening and replying does make an enormous difference.  Support is so important when you’re feeling all alone.  Big Hugs and Blessings. D.

The coaching sessions were of incredible value and it was a great opportunity to gain clarity to determine my next steps. They added so much to my life and to my family’s life in so many ways! Your newsletters and weekly show are my “special time for me” that ensure  Thanks to the guidance I received from working with you I know that I must take care of myself and focus with intention on what I want and then move with resolve in that direction. I will miss our coaching sessions and look forward to working with you again in the future. Until then, your support and guidance will be keeping me focused through your established channels. You are truly an angel! I appreciate all you do and the guidance you share from Uriel. JP

The first time I listened to your radio show it was as if the entire show had been written for my benefit. I was fortunate to be one of your callers and your reading was amazing. You picked up on details of my life that I don’t share with anyone. I wanted you to know that the work you’re doing matters. You made a difference in my life, and I am grateful. May God continue to bless you and shine his light through you and upon you. MH

I have listened to the recording of my reading 5 times and I keep hearing different things each time. I want to thank you for the work that you do and want you to know that the extent of what you do is great indeed – who can say that their life is devoted to bringing evolution and healing to peoples’ lives? SG

How can I thank you for your wonderful work – I don’t know. My whole life was unfolding to me today. ALL the topics that were running my life from the beginning on, came up. I know, if I wouldnt be ready… But still I deeply want to thank you and all the angels and guides who are involved. I feel so blessed, being granted that possibility to resolve my karma. JB

I think that with the attunement Uriel gave me during my reading, gave me a little taste of what the new Earth will be like.  That is, I was vibrating at such a happy vibration that I could not judge or criticize or see anything wrong.  It has mellowed somewhat, but I can certainly use that remembrance to look forward to what is coming and to know what to look for in coming vibrations. SL

I wanted to write to let you know just how much light and healing and enlightenment your message from Uriel has given me.  You’ve contributed to my efforts and endeavours to heal, change and shift, and I am truly grateful. SG

I always do a reading once a year with a particular psychic who is on a list of the 100 best.  That is until I had a karmic confrontation with her and even though I hated to lose my previous reader, I closed that door, slamming it shut.  How would a replace such a gifted reader. Just a few weeks later the door swings back open and Uriel and Jennifer Hoffman arrive.  See how that works? Jennifer, I want you to know that the reading you gave was the best I have ever experienced.  Everything you said, I resonated with.  Everything you say is coming, I can see that too.  I was vibrating at the most incredible level that I have felt in years after the reading, perhaps the most incredible level of my life.  I was not aware at the time that that was due to a spiritual in-tunement that Uriel does for each person read for.  Believe me, that part is priceless, what a high! SL

You have been such a source of inspiration to my daughter and I love that she feels safe and cupported when talking with you. Thank you for your support and the insight into non-physical support that you provide. KM

Thank you Jennifer for the reading today. I expected something different, however my energies were all over the place and I got exactly what I needed. EK

These are just a few of the thousands of testimonials I’ve received from clients over the years. I’ll share more with you soon.  Jennifer

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